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Unified Communications

Get the benefits of UC without the expense and effort of deploying a solution on your own


While some organizations prefer the sense of control that comes from having their Unified Communications system on-premise, the many advantages of using UCaaS are becoming harder to ignore.

Find out why 29% of CIOs have already moved their voice services to the Cloud, and another 57% see all or part of them moving to the Cloud in the next few years. Those CIOs recognize that, compared with an on-premise system, Unified Communications as a Service delivers:

  • Faster service deployment
  • Easier and quicker to add new users
  • More compatible with BYOD
  • Lower cost and lower risk deployment
  • Better and faster disaster recovery
  • Reduced effort through centralized management
  • Avoid the time and trouble of periodic upgrades

Using UCaaS is a great way to experience first-hand the benefits of moving some of your IT infrastructure to the Cloud. Moving to UCaaS also shifts the expense of your communications infrastructure from a capital expense to an operating expense, which is preferred by a majority of CFOs. Finally, if you are using UCaaS, you get quick and easy access to new capabilities or features are they become available, rather than having to wait for or pay for them to be added to your on-premise system – assuming your existing infrastructure can accommodate them.

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