Products & Distribution
Products and Distribution


How Our Vendor Relationships Help You


Paragon Micro maintains very close and productive relationships with our OEM product partners. Our rapid growth has made us one of the preferred solution providers for all of the major manufacturers whose products you prefer, and they work closely with us to make sure we have access to the information, products, and support that we need. Unlike some IT resellers, if you’ve standardized on a particular manufacturer’s products, you can be sure that we have a close relationship with them.


We leverage these close OEM relationships and the full capabilities of our vendor partners to deliver the best IT solutions for you, and to support them throughout the life cycle.



How Our Distribution Strengths Help You


We have an exceptional distribution network, and our systems give us visibility into the inventory positions of our distribution partners at each of their warehouses. This powerful system allows us to choose from which distribution partner to source product for you, and from which of their locations. These advantages let us provide you with the best prices, the fewest out-of-stock orders, and the combination of shipping cost and speed that best fits your needs. If you’d like, we can even ship your product using your account with your preferred shipper.


Our distribution strength also allows us to source any product you need, including unique or non-standard products, so there’s no need to involve extra vendors on a project. And this broad, robust distribution network also lets us provide global procurement, which we describe in greater detail here.