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Advice and service from our experienced Account Managers will help you adapt most effectively to the increasing technology focus in delivering healthcare.


Healthcare organizations, from small physician’s offices to major hospital or insurance groups, face an array of IT challenges. Having to do more with less, complying with regulations, protecting crucial assets and systems, and making sure that today’s investments will continue to be productive tomorrow are just some of the requirements that must be addressed. If you’re in the process of considering or adopting Electronic Medical Records, you know how challenging that can be.


This is where Paragon Micro can be especially helpful. Because our Account Managers have more experience than those at other solution providers, they can better advise IT professionals in large or small healthcare organizations on how to get the most from their technology investments. They are knowledgeable about the full range of hardware and software options that are specific to healthcare, including PACS, patient point of care systems, and more. And because we empower them to be autonomous, they are able to serve you better and faster.


At Paragon Micro, we work to build strong relationships between our customers and Account Managers, and we won’t force you to change Account Managers so we can have vertical or geographical realignment. We work hard to provide the best service experience in the industry, and our customers tell us they prefer our philosophy.