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This Is Paragon
We help customers solve complex IT challenges and deliver the desired business outcome through next-generation IT technology solutions.

Our History


Paragon Micro is one of the fastest growing and most successful IT solution providers in the US today. With two office locations—our Lake Zurich, IL headquarters in the Chicago suburbs, as well as offices in suburban Phoenix, we have established ourselves as a significant presence in the industry. The sustained growth has made them an important authorized partner with technology leaders such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, Cisco, VMWare, EMC, Lenovo, and over 1,000 other OEMs. How did they grow so large, and so quickly?

Paragon Micro opened its first office in 2008. Additional experienced employees were hired that year and sales grew ten-fold, establishing a pattern of growth that continues today.

There are several reasons Paragon has emerged as the best choice for satisfying its corporate, government, and international customer needs for hardware, software, or IT solutions. Paragon Micro’s most important focus is hiring the “Best of the Best” experienced account managers. Each account manager brings with them an outstanding track record of excellence and experience. Paragon Micro prides itself on the latest training from industry-leading manufacturers which empowers the account managers to satisfy their customers and gives them the skills to deliver the most expeditious service. Paragon Micro’s business model revolves around building loyal and strong relationships with their customers.

These strengths, combined with the ability to deliver a complete range of IT products, services, and solutions globally, truly makes Paragon the best choice for all your IT needs.



  • Jeff Reimer
  • ~
  • President & CEO
  • Todd Cowen
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  • Senior Vice President, General Manager

  • Jeff Richards
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  • Director of Services